We’re not your normal tutors.

Normal tutors turn kids into exam-taking machines.

Ned and Tom create young adults eager to solve original problems.

In schools, maths is taught as a big bag of tricks to hack exams.

In reality, mastering a few fundamentals gives you the confidence to answer any exam question.

Textbooks focus on answering narrow questions in a set way.

Students want to answer big questions in their own way.

After five years of tutoring, we realised students deserve a new approach.

We teach skills, not formulas.

It’s amazing how much schools teach, and how little students learn.

Every year, kids have to learn more mathematical “rules”, without being told why they’re important. Is it any wonder many grow to hate maths?

Ned & Tom are different. We start with your child’s interests, not some formula book. We create personalised problems, teaching them mathematical skills they will use beyond the exam hall.

School is turning your child into a robot. We’ll help them think for themselves.

How we do it.

A World Class System.

We’ll let you in on a secret.

Small group tutoring is by far the best way to master the basics and develop a lasting interest in mathematics. 

The best universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, pride themselves on small group tutoring. Ned & Tom both learned more in one year of university than many years of school. It was only after graduating that we realised small discussion groups were the secret to our success. 

Our group classes, with a tutor-student ratio of 1:3, are bright, exciting environments. Our students discuss maths for real humans, setting them up for success in their exams and beyond.

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Tom is a very dedicated tutor. He strengthened core skills, built a firm foundation and continues to challenge Leah.
~ Katie, Mother of Year 8 student

My son needed a practice-based, problem-solving approach to his subjects, beyond the mere recall of facts. Ned’s tutoring helps him prepare for the high-stakes testing that all students face.
~ Joanne, Mother of IB student


Ned recently graduated from UCL with a masters degree in cognitive neuroscience, where he modelled decision making in the brain. He has over five years’ experience tutoring students aged 11-18. When Ned isn’t tutoring he works at a publishing startup, where, owing to his number-sense, he rose from an unpaid intern to Head of Analytics.
His favourite equation is Bayes’ Theorem. 
Ned’s LinkedIn.

Tom graduated from UCL with a first-class masters in theoretical physics. He also has many years’ experience tutoring maths to all ages, from 12-year olds to university students. Tom has exercised his mathematical abilities in academic research, in quantitative finance, and as a machine learning engineer. When he’s not tutoring you can find Tom writing his blog.
His favourite equation is the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.
Tom’s LinkedIn.

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